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I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book

J.K. Rowling, Author

This is at the very heart of our work. We have been immersed in selecting the best in children's literature for Turning Pages, over 12 years. We do this with love and a fierce passion. We also do it with method.


Here are our guiding criteria:

1. "Windows and Mirrors": The books must reflect the world the children live in, be good mirrors. Equally they must provide windows into worlds and perspectives different from our own.

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2. Supporting socio-emotional development:

Books that help children explore the emotional states and social situations that characters in a book go through, and to then be able to draw a connection to their own lives

3. Time and expert tested:

We look at recommendations from respected literary bodies, authors, librarians and awarding bodies to make sure we always consider what experts recommend

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4. Social inclusion and environment consciousness:

As humanity passes through perhaps its most challenging time ever, we make sure that there is significant representation of books that help raise children's awareness and sensitivity towards some of the challenges they will need to confront.

5. Pure fun is important too! 

While every book we choose is an enjoyable read, we are perfectly happy to enjoy books that are pure fun. Sometimes nonsense leads to real sense. And we amble down that path too!

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