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“Be seen reading. If you don’t, they won’t”

    - Geraldine McCaughrean, British Author


 If reading is to become a lifelong habit, children must see themselves as part of a community where everyone views reading as an enjoyable and valued activity.

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A school where reading is championed, valued and encouraged leads to a culture where reading is an activity that is looked forward to, and enjoyed, by everyone. When this culture comes alive in schools, children are naturally drawn towards books and learning.


Turning Pages has a holistic 5 pronged approach to embedding a “whole school reading culture” that creates systemic change. This positively transforms not just the reading habits of the children but also supports teachers in understanding the power of reading and literature and how they can use it to be more effective across the school.

1. Leading by example: Everyone at school including the Principal, Teachers and support staff  are seen reading, speaking about reading and conveying their enthusiasm for it at every opportunity.

As an example, DEAR, Drop Everything and Read, is a proven, simple and powerful way to signal to the whole school how important reading is.  20 minutes are ring-fenced in the timetable everyday and everyone from the security guard to the Principal reads. It is non-negotiable, and everyone loves it!


2.  A structured children's programme, using the best in literature: Over the course of the school year, children are exposed to carefully selected storybooks every week. They are supported in deep engagement with the books through immersive and fun activities. Guided discussions ensure exploration of the themes in the book, and give children an opportunity to think independently and express themselves freely. There is a specific focus on building critical thinking, creativity and socio-emotional skills.

3. Teachers who read and readers who teach: Teachers who appreciate the value of reading and are able to convey this to their students can make all the difference to children developing a reading habit. Turning Pages deploys practical, enjoyable training to help teachers fall in love with reading themselves.

We conducted extensive within India and also drew best practices from the UK’s “Reading for Pleasure” practices (supported by the UK Literacy Association and The Open University) that are specifically directed at teachers.


4. An abundance of books : When children are surrounded by books, they will reach out and pick one up. And read. Even with budget constraints, it is still possible to create a feeling of plenty through placement and choice of books.

5. Events celebrating authors, important literacy days, poetry: Regular events which keep the energy flowing. Simple but fun “reading challenges”, special days such as everyone bringing a “poem in my pocket”, book fairs and even a year end “gala” where the whole school gathers around multiple fun events around celebrating books.

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