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"Reading should not be offered to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift"     - Kate DiCamillo, American Author

Turning Pages offers a five pronged programme that builds lasting and sustainable change by embedding a "whole school reading culture". The children's programme is perhaps the most important part of this holistic programme.


The roots of Turning Pages lie in the children's programme. It evolved through continuous innovation, consultation with experts and plenty of learning from listening to children. This process has gone on for over 12 years and across three countries (apart from India, we have run in Singapore and the United Kingdom).

At the core of the children's programme is the magic of a shared experience, children get together in a group and read the same book. They then engage in activities and discussions that provoke critical thought and creativity. Children are supported in exploring the best in literature and then nudged towards the wonderful world of storybooks and becoming strong, independent book lovers.


Designed to be central to the delivery of a school’s educational goals for its students, the programme is integrated into the school timetable and runs over the course of an entire school year.


The programme is built around 3 fundamental pillars:

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