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"A child who reads will be an adult who thinks" - Unknown

A child who loves reading is well placed to be an independent learner, achieve better educational outcomes and enjoy improved well being.


Turning Pages is a social enterprise with the vision of bringing the lifelong benefits of strong and joyful reading habits to underserved children. 

Our approach is to bring about systemic change in schools by embedding a "Whole School Reading Culture". This is the surest way to create deep and lasting impact on the children, to make them lifelong readers.


What sets us apart is our sharp focus on using the latest research and pedagogy in building sustainable reading habits. We also design our programme to support the development of critical thinking and socioemotional skills. 

The best in Indian Children's Literature is at the heart of the programme.

It is important for children to be able to relate to the stories they read, as well as get a window into worlds that are new. We know how to strike that balance and select our books with expertise and passion.


Millions of children in India are not getting the education they deserve, and leaving primary school ill-prepared to get the most out of secondary school. Being able to read independently and joyfully is the most powerful tool we can give these children.

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