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That’s the thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet

Jhumpa Lahiri, Author



We’ve tried to guess some of the questions you might have as you read about our work. If you still need to ask a question, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.


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How do you choose the books for programme?

This is something very close to our hearts and we ensure we follow a rigorous procedure to choose the books for club sessions.

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The children read good books even as part of their English lessons at school. What value does being a participant in Turning Pages add?

English lessons are, obviously, an indispensable part of the children's introduction to good reading skills. However, reading purely for pleasure and sharing the experience with other children, in a relaxed environment, adds greatly to the desire to read more. That is the guiding principle of Turning Pages.

Do parents need to get involved?

If you don't its fine. If you can, it's great. Seeing you read the book that they are reading can add to a child's motivation to read. But, of course, that isn't always possible. Just a gentle reminder from time to time to read the book to be discussed will be great.
But whatever else you do - please don't nag them to read the book. There is nothing that can take a child's interest  in reading away more than a parent going on and on about why they should be reading more. As they go along in the classes and enjoy the discussions you will see them developing a natural interest in reading.

Social enterprise? Is the quality of the programme good enough for the best schools?

You bet it is! We've spent all the energy and time needed to create a world class programme. We've also road tested it for 12 years now. Every child will benefit from it. Our purpose is to reach the joy of reading to all children, even those whose schools cannot afford to pay for it. Hence, we are a social enterprise.

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